Just wanted to post a couple of positive experiences we had with UHC recently. I was involved in a scooter accident in August where I went to the ER (my nephew drove me, no ambulance involved). A car had cut my off and I fell and had some lacerations bleeding etc. At the ER they did all sorts of stuff and later I saw that I had a denied claim. I submitted an appeal and followed up with a phone call and also had to call the hospital and just this week saw that it was all FIXED in my favor!! The hospital had to resubmit the claim bc there was some incorrect info on the claim.

The other experience was when my wife got blood drawn in an in network facility and they sent the blood to an out of network lab (QUEST) WITHOUT our knowledge. They never asked us. The claim was denied and there was a bill responsibility for like $2300. I almost had an heart attack but this was a clear case of surprise billing (illegal in many states). I called UHC and they fixed this as well.

Prior to my results I had read horror stories on reddit and I wanted to let people know that Ive had UHC for over 15 years IIRC and have had no issues and found the representatives to be very understanding and helpful. Amidst all those complaints I wanted to share my positive story. So yeah I will be staying with UHC and thanks to the two reps whose name I actually remember: Mike and Rianna!

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