Too poor to be able to cover medical expenses out of pocket/have too much in assets I can’t access to qualify for medicaid


So, I’ve never had to get health insurance myself, rather than through a company. However, I’ve begun freelancing, and now I’m in a pickle.

My mailing address is in Connecticut – my on the books earnings are low enough to apply for Medicaid, but assets in my name are above the threshold to apply ($1,600).

(If I’m mistaken, please let me know, here)

I’m trying to figure out the cheapest way to insure myself, here – I just want to see the dentist and the gynecologist and not have to pay like $200 at urgent care every time I get sick (I rarely get sick but have had several incidents since I came off my old company’s health insurance)

If it will be cheaper in the long run I can pay out of pocket for the dentist and gyno and just get catastrophic insurance (any recs on where to go for this are appreciated).

Please help – neither of my parents have ever gotten health insurance outside of the corporations they’ve worked for and insist that I need to go back to working for a company to have affordable healthcare (I’m too old to be covered by their plans).