Trying to switch from spouse’s employer insurance – California

After getting married in May, I switched to my husband’s employer insurance. They cover half of his insurance. They do not cover any of mine, but it does come out pre-tax. I am newly pregnant and have realized that this insurance plan (Kaiser Gold Deductible) will leave us paying a large amount for the birth. I was planning to switch to Kaiser platinum as part of open enrollment, but my understanding is that open enrollment starts in November and plans would be active January 1st. My husband’s employer’s open enrollment is from September 25 – October 9, with plans starting November 1st. And according to them, open enrollment is the only time to be able to cancel the insurance for me through them (without qualifying life event).

Does this mean I am stuck with their insurance unless we have a qualifying life event? I realize that giving birth would counts, but it is really for the birth that I need the higher insurance. This seems odd to me to be trapped into an insurance or being forced to go without insurance, which really isn’t an option when I’m pregnant.

Any advice appreciated!

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