United Healthcare Choice Plus or Medishare?

I am 28M and my wife is 24 year olds. I am currently self employed and the only one working at the moment. We had health insurance until my wife left work to persue a college degree. I've been without insurance and would like some advice. I spoke to an agent and he recommended United Healthcare Plus, since we both are young and healthy with no underlying medical conditions. The quote I received was 526 a month. If I add dental, my go to dentist is a participating provider, my monthly price goes up to 586. Which is very affordable compared to my other options. I've looked on the "Govt Marketplace, by it seems like my monthly cost would be around 900 with almost no coverage, unless crap hits the fan. I've heard about medishare and thought maybe going that route. Our biggest medical expense in the near future will be children being born. Just making sure we aren't falling for an insurance scam or if there are better options out there.

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