United Healthcare doesn’t cover my abortion?

I am 22f and had a medical abortion early March and I had paid at the counter. I didn’t expect UHC to cover my costs, but I at least expected my payment to go towards my deductible. A few weeks later I check my account and find out my claim was denied because “this family planning service is not covered by your plan” so it didn’t even go towards my deductible. But my benefits clearly state pregnancy termination is covered by my plan, regardless if it’s medical or surgical, so the payment I made should at least go towards my deductible right? I also had my remaining FSA funds partially reimburse me for my payment so I don’t know if that affected the decision.

I called UHC and let them know that my plan does cover this service and that it shouldn’t have been denied. The representative reviewed my benefits and confirmed that I was right and said that she would push my claim to be reviewed again.

I then receive a letter in the mail which was basically communicating to my provider that my claim was denied rightfully and that “this service is not covered by the health plan”. What can I do to have my claim approved and have my payment go towards my deductible?

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