So I’m in a fiasco with United Healthcare, I have an HMO plan so I needed PT and Galileo portal gave me a referral, however the PT never received it. I gave the referral number to them and brought a paper copy. I called United Healthcare several times and after a month I was told to go again. This time they did not take the referral (because they didn’t need it for first time PT??!) and I was seen. I was scheduled for six sessions then . Two days later I get a call from said PT who told me I need to get a referral from a PCP to be seen again. I contacted United who told me to call Galileo . I did and they gave me a referral number and told me to call the doctor . I called and the office said they never got. This back and forth went for a month before the office got the referral . When I came on that date , I was charged 420$ instead of the 90 with my referral . They told me the referral was invalid even tho I confirmed the details from the day before. I called United again and they said they would submit a retroactive referral . Since then I have called the clinic and united multiple times and both have told me to stop calling them . United then told me they are not responsible for my referral and the provider is not in Network but Galileo says they are . United also says the first PT is not in network so they want 60$ for that as well. Is there a way to get my money back or at least seen by someone I am in pain??

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