I’m thinking about taking a new job. In doing so, I have to be careful to fully understand potential health insurance coverage before saying “yes” because I have a daughter who has a prosthetic leg. I’m unable to get a straight answer from the potential employer or United (their carrier) as to how they cover prosthetics for children.

The potential new policy is limited to “one every three years”. My current policy is unlimited devices with prior auth, so it’s crystal clear. As a growing toddler, she “gets a new leg” every six or eight months. I feel like I have been told in the past that exceptions exist for children for this very reason. There is lies the issue. The potential employer doesn’t have any documentation that provides clarity and when I call United it’s all offshore help and I get nowhere.

Looking for anyone who might have experience in the area. Insight on children’s prosthetics, a non offshore line for UHC or advice on what documentation I should ask for.

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