Unplanned health bills even after health insurance

So have this health insurance from employer. The insurance has clear three lines on how much is my co-pay depending on the doctor type I visit and for the Rx. I make a point to go to the insurance website and find doctor in network. I look up the cost. All good till now. I visit the doctor, the front desk tells me my co-pay as today's visit charge. And it gives such a good feeling its all working right!

<<Engine spooling down and tire screeching music here>>

Problem starts a week after the visit. Like my last rheumatology visit, I have a bill of $600. Never told about this. The lab work after that, yes it shows its all covered. Ends up with $400 bill after a week.

Why is health sector and including health insurance, operating as this scam pulling fast one. This happens every visit.

Need independent views on these happenings. How are they able to do this to me. What are my options? tia.

Note: am assuming my confusion will be listed as with claims hence marking that as the flair.

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