I’ll try to keep it short…

Breaking up with GF of 8 yrs. It’s amicable however I would be classified as the “dumpee” and going through emotions and self doubt that can bring. We share housing, and in my area it is unreasonable for me to continue to live in the area. However I do have health insurance thru work.

When this break up happened had just started process that will end with an invasive procedure to treat a non life threatening issue. The process leading to surgery could be months. I’m questioning my ability to handle living together, we said we’d just technically “be together,” until i moved out. But it doesn’t feel great atm. I’m considering quitting and moving out of state to be near family in much cheaper area.

If I quit and move states… What insurance options do I have besides finding a new job with benefits?… I’m under the impression cobra allows you to keep your existing plan, but that doesn’t help me as my medical group isn’t in the state I’m moving. I’m trying to avoid finding job I hate in new place, to pay for a procedure l, while I’m trying to heal/start new chapter.

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