USA – California, Health insurance for spouse (SAHM). What are my options?

We're in our early 30's with a newborn. I have great insurance through work, costs covered by employer. Wife and kids are not covered by employer, but can be if I pay for their portion.

We file married/joint and don't qualify for any subsidies nor medical/medicare in California.

I currently have the baby on their own individual HMO plan (not through work), at ~$310/mo.

Wife (stay at home mom) is healthy and says she doesn't need the health insurance. Otherwise it'd be an additional ~$580/mo if we got her on the same HMO as the baby.

Doing the math, I would pay MUCH less if I just pay for medical appointments out of pocket for both wife and baby. I'm keeping the baby's HMO (healthy, but my paranoia kicks in).

I saw HDHP and HSA accounts, but that appears to be something that an employer has to offer.

Since she's a stay at home mom, what are my options as a healthy individual? Hate seeing 6k/year go to waste, when all she needs is 1-2 physician visits per year, totaling $360 or so.

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