variable monthly income and state medicaid eligibility

I'm on my state Medicaid program since before covid. In the last 6 months I started waiting tables in addition to my self-employment side gig. My monthly income now varies quite a bit: both above and below the eligibility limit, depending on how many shifts I get.

Previously, I was enrolled using my annual income from self-employment, which I guess was just divided by 12 months.

I was automatically re-enrolled at the end of August. Do I need to update my employment status now or when I do my annual taxes? Do I update month to month since my income changes? Will I lose coverage if I have a busy month, and then do I just have to reapply when I have a shitty month? I have some doctor's appointments that I've been putting off: if I go to them and my eligibility is later removed for that timeframe, will I be billed?

Is this a 'just shut the f up and take what they give you' system, or a 'you better make sure everything is perfect or they'll bleed you dry' system?

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