Virginia Health Insurance Question (I need advice!!)

Hi y’all, this is a bit of a long one so strap in.

My husband and I are set to move to Salem, VA from Oregon this December to be closer to his family. We’ve just found out that I’m around 6 weeks pregnant! Currently in Oregon I am receiving medicaid benefits so I don’t have to pay out of pocket for any of my pre-natal appointments and such. Upon moving to Virginia, these benefits will not longer be accessible to me. Will I be able to qualify for Virginia benefits as soon as we move here, or will I have to wait the 60 days to change my license/’residency’ to Virginia to even apply?

If I don’t immediately qualify and I have to wait, would it be worth it to go to my appointments anyway at a location that FAMIS would cover, and then have them backlog cover any bills I receive (seeing as their website says they do that once you qualify typically)??

I also just wasn’t sure if it was different in general since I know FAMIS offers a particular prenatal coverage package.

Just to be totally transparent: I’m self-employed and make below the capped income necessary to qualify. My husband gets insurance through his current job here in Oregon, but will be losing that after we move.

Honestly I’m pretty uninformed about this type of stuff (if you couldn’t tell) so I would truly appreciate any insight on the topic. Thank you!!!