Virginia Medicaid coverage limitations and CPT codes approval

[Northern Virginia] [No/low income under $10k annual]
11/2021 I was laid off from job, so my 2021 income did not qualify for medicaid. I also was not a Virginia resident for tax purposes and paid no VA income tax.

2022 I had no income except for investments and interest/div. I did not apply for Medicaid at the time and had no insurance.

06/2023 I applied for VA Medicaid MCO Aetna Better Health after I became Virginia resident again.

I did not apply for Medicaid in 2022 even though I was probably eligible because I was told that Virginia Medicaid is like unemployment, there's a cap to the time duration of benefits I could receive, usually up to 12 months for people who are not disabled and can earn income. Is this true? Is it possible to backdate Medicaid claims? In 2022, I ended up paying vision frames out of pocket from Costco. Costco accepts VSP Medicaid and if I was eligible for Medicaid in 2022? Aetna Better Health told me that Physical therapy, acupuncture, psychiatrist I have to get a CPT authorization code. I have my PCP physical and blood test scheduled next week. What should I ask the PCP to give the CPT code? submitted by /u/Traditional_Cycle192