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One of the things that frustrates me about ACA is how poorly thought out it is, in spite of its massive volume.

A much better alternative imo would have been to allow states to open up their employee plans to all state residents, at cost. People whose income doesn’t suffice could get subsidies.

This would have enormous benefits because 1) The plans are already there and the infrastructure for handling them can be scaled 2) Considering the large pool, states already get a decent price for their plans and by allowing all state residents to sign up, the pool would be even larger 3) The quality of plans wouldn’t be as bad as the individual plans, because the state has enough incentives to provide decent healthcare for its employees, so they have a skin in the game(this is particularly the case for state legislators and executive leadership) 4) The providers would have a very hard time to decline the plans, because they’d lose the biggest employer in the state, namely the state government.

I believe this is an achievable goal and the results would be superior to the current system.

I’m curious if there are enough voters out there to force som change (Personally, I’ve become a one-issue voter)

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