What is the cheapest health insurance for a 34-year-old male in California earning over $100K?

I don't qualify for covered CA due to my income bracket. I've been very lucky to have very few health issues in my life to date (thank god + knock on wood) but I've been playing the no insurance roulette game for too long now. I'm 34 and starting to have anxiety around the "what if" scenarios.

So it's time I get covered… I mostly just want to ensure that if I am in a car accident or get something unexpected (god forbid), I don't go bankcrupt. If possible, I'd like to limit my exposure to $8-10K max out of pocket. I don't have a ton of money lying around despite my income brakcet and I don't want to take on the annual cost of buying a new car.

Other info – I haven't been to a check up in a few years now. I'm OK paying out of pocket for this but want to get insurance before I do this incase some results from tests yield something that might affect my plan costs.

Pretty wild that I've gambled for this long, I'm sure I'm not the only one though.

Does anyone have any suggestions for plans or places to start?

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