Where to find a good doc, government stuff like medicaid is really really bad, I dont know if its like that for the entire healthcare industry

Are all so called ‘hospitals’ in usa a company?

Are most a ‘hospitals’ a company

Are there other types of companies that have doctors in them

Or do docs only are at ‘hospitals’

What basically makes a ‘hospital’ different from all other places that have docs in them?

What do hospitals do that other places do not?

What cant hospitals do that other places can?

Are any of this regulated? Is it regulated to be an incredible mess or something?

Its difficult to know if to go to a ‘hospital’ for a family doc or to a individual company owned by a doc or a few docs for a family doc

This is cos in some areas like this area there are no good indlivdial company cos everything has been brought out by these huge healthcare or w/e they are corporations so cant even find any good indlivdial company for docs now

The good thing is that the custoemr service for the ‘hospitals’ are average to below averge which is far far better than a few of the individual companies that have docs in them — and i called ALOT of doctor companies

Been trying to find a good doc and good specialty docs for a long time

Also are there any quick summaries of how ‘hospitals’ and ‘healthcare’ works in other ‘advanced’ countries?

Healthcare industry one of most confusing things, maybe the most confusing industry/business

Hope that if anyone here owns a ‘hositpal’ they can fix this entire mess of a business/system