Which employer health insurance should I choose?

Hi everyone!

I just started my first real job and Oct 1 is when I will be able to enroll in benefits. I would appreciate any help regarding the best plan to choose for my health insurance. For the record: healthy mid 20s male and non smoker. I have a few plans to choose from, and I’m only going to be giving the info for individual plans as that is what I’ll be getting.

KeyCare PPO: $4000 In Network deductible, $6,350 out of pocket limit. Semi monthly premium for this is $133. Office visits is $30PCP, $60 specialist

Healthkeepers POS: $4000 In Network deductible. $6,350 out of pocket limit. Office visits is the same as above. Premium for this is $115 semi monthly.

Both of the above plans seems to be the same, can someone explain LI5 what the difference is?

The other option I’m seriously considering due to the high deductible is an HSA insurance. We have two options for this:

KeyCare HSA: $2000 in network deductible. Out of pocket limit is at $3,575. Office visit for doctors and specialist is 20% after deductible. Premium for this is $75

Healthkeepers HSA: $2000 deductible. Out of pocket limit is $3,575. office visits for doctors and specialists is 20% after deductible and the premium for this is $64.

For the HSA: employee contribution is $20.83, and the matching HSA contribution is $250. (Does this mean I will have to contribute at least 250 for my employer to match?)

As you may understand, this is a lot of information and it’s kind of mind boggling for someone enrolling in their first employer health insurance, I would deeply appreciate any assistance choosing the right plan. Also, is this is good employer health insurance? Or should I consider an outside health insurance.

Thank you!

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