I cut my finger pretty badly at work (in NJ) and employer sent me to the ER and opened worker’s comp case with the insurance co.

I went home from ER, but next morning my finger was still bleeding pretty badly so I went back to the ER. While in the ER getting my bleeding finger checked out, doctors said my heart was in afib and I had high blood pressure so they made me stay in the hospital for monitoring. While still under monitoring in the hospital (and a few days later), I experienced other emergencies with multiple organ failures and I ended up staying in the hospital over 50 days from when I checked in for the bleeding finger. I had to be intubated for over a month while in the hospital.

Will the worker’s comp insurance cover all the hospital costs for all the other emergencies and multiple organ failures since it all happened while I was there for the bleeding finger from the work accident? Will the worker’s comp also cover the required subsequent treatment and/or lost wages? I will need rehab and may not be able to go back to work for a few more weeks.

I have no experience with work injuries or worker’s comp insurance so any insight is much appreciated. Thanks!

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