2023 Underwriters of the Year | Greg Steinbach, Senior Commercial Lines Underwriter, Intact

2023 Underwriters of the Year | Greg Steinbach, Senior Commercial Lines Underwriter, Intact

Greg Steinbach’s insurance career began in 2016 with the Insurance program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ont. Through this program, he secured his first role in the broker channel via a co-op placement. Shortly after, Steinbach started his underwriting journey, holding various positions since and completing his CRM and CIP designations. He joined Intact in 2021 in Nova Scotia. 

 Steinbach feels grateful and honoured to be recognized by the team at MacLeod Lorway, the Canadian Broker Network member that nominated him for the award. 

Q: What is the biggest challenge for underwriters, and how can underwriters or insurers overcome this? 

The biggest challenge for us recently in the Atlantic region stems from significant loss events — Hurricane Fiona, wildfires, and a devastating flood. All of these events occurred in the space of less than 12 months. This has put enormous pressure on the industry as a whole, placing an even greater importance on providing superior service to support brokers. Additionally, we must continue to discuss and educate on climate change as we enter this new reality in the industry.” 

Q: What is one opportunity underwriters should focus more on? 

“A solution-oriented mindset is key in today’s market. Working with our broker partners to find a ‘win-win’ outcome is ever important. In the commercial insurance space, we are constantly reviewing risks that require a high degree of problem-solving, and within that process, there’s a great opportunity for underwriters to support brokers.”  

Q: What makes for a great relationship between underwriter and broker? 

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“While we live in an increasingly digital world, we can’t forget a key piece to building the underwriter-broker relationship: picking up the phone and discussing risks as much as possible. Having a real conversation about a challenging risk is beneficial for everyone — and certainly beats a large email chain. This discussion allows us, as underwriters, to address broker questions or concerns directly and, more importantly, in my opinion, share knowledge in an efficient manner.” 

Q: Why did you become an underwriter, and what do you love most about your role? 

“Very early on in my career I realized the underwriting route was the best fit for me. I love the challenges that are presented daily in this role, and I am fortunate to have a great regional team at Intact. Having that supportive dialogue within the team, especially getting different perspectives on risks, is vital to grow as an underwriter.”