2024 Porsche Macan EV: How we'd build it

2024 Porsche Macan EV: How we'd build it

The 2024 Porsche Macan EV is here, and so is the configurator. You know what that means: It’s time to start building your dream electric Porsche SUV! OK, maybe your dream Porsche is actually a 911 GT3 or something along those lines, but the Macan’s configurator is nearly as much fun to run through.

Per usual with Porsche, the level of customization is second to none at the Macan’s price point. Said price can vary widely, though, as we managed to build Macans well exceeding $150,000 if you end up checking all the boxes. For some perspective, the Turbo (currently Porsche’s most expensive trim) starts at $106,950.

You can build one for yourself at this link here, but make sure to scroll down to see how all of us editors decided to spec their Macans for a little inspiration. The exterior color palette (even before dipping into the Paint-To-Sample catalog) is superb, and the interior colors are expertly designed to match. We can only hope to see some Macans on the road one day that take full advantage of the configurator’s possibilities.

Road Test Editor Zac Palmer: I went the money-no-object route on my Macan build, so of course I picked the Turbo. The purple (Provence) was extremely tempting, but I settled on Frozen Blue Metallic because I love it just a little bit more than Provence. My spending spree starts with the 22-inch Exclusive Design Wheels with Aeroblades in Carbon Fiber for $7,410 and only get more ridiculous from there. But don’t blame me; all fault lies with Porsche’s unbelievably tempting configurator. I don’t really like how much black trim there is around the whole lower portion of the car, so I picked the Offroad Design Package in Exterior Color to bring the beautiful Frozen Blue Metallic into the lower front bumper, rear fascia and side skirts – I also had the side blades and all model designations painted in exterior color instead of the black that comes standard. From there, I made sure more black trim was brought higher up on the car to give it a balanced look, opting for black-painted door handles, black roof rails, black mirrors and black window trim. I was a little put off by the Macan’s proportions in Porsche’s reveal trimmings, but all these aesthetic changes makes it look a lot nicer to me.

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I kept things light inside with the two tone black and Limestone Beige leather interior for an extra $2,570, but dropped a massive $4,730 to give the Limestone Beige seats black centers and deviated stitching throughout the entire inside. Classiness is retained via Porsche’s Summerwood trim, and I had the seatbelts matched to the Limestone Beige leather. As for some other big ticket options, I said yes to the Sport Chrono package, Electric Sport Sound and rear axle steering (a brutal $2,040 upcharge). I also added niceties like Porsche’s InnoDrive, the AR HUD, Burmester sound system and air purification system – even Michigan gets wildfire smoke pretty bad these days. And finally, I chose the Atlanta Experience Center delivery, because an electric road trip to kick things off sounds like a lovely way to get oriented with the new electric Macan. All told, my Macan costs $140,940. That’s nuts, but I sure would love owning this car.

Managing Editor Greg Rasa: A Porsche configurator is like a candy store. You enter it thinking you’re going to buy just one thing, but the temptations are great, and you’re shocked when you get to the cash register. I tried to configure a modest Macan EV, picking the base 4 model and attempting to be selective on options, knowing I’ll still be shocked at the end of the line.

Mine’s in Oak Green Metallic Neo ($2,490). Stock wheels look nice enough, and the ride and range will be better on 20-inchers. Standard black interior is presumably pleather? The configurator doesn’t say. It shows leather options that are far more expensive. But pleather’s good. Standard eight-way seats look comfortable enough at no charge; I’d have to sit in the upgrades to consider them.

Side blades ($680) are a distinctive Macan thing, with black mirror caps ($600), black door handles ($350) and black model designations ($270) to match. A factory trailer hitch receiver ($660) is necessary for bike racks, etc. Interior wood trim ($550), leather wheel and shifter ($330), stainless steel pedals ($130), door sill guards ($550), and midgrade Bose sound ($990). Finally, projector puddle lights ($330) and the Sport Chrono Package ($980) just for a touch of fancy.

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My candy sack overflows: $89,320. But hey, I stayed under $90 grand! 

If I’m in that deep, I might as well throw in the custom-built Porsche Design chronograph with accent colored bezel and band stitching to match the car. It’s just $6,881 more.

Associate Editor Byron Hurd: My first car was a 1995 VW Passat GLX in green over tan with a stick. It wasn’t an objectively great car but I loved it just the same. Sadly, it was the last mid-90s car I’ve owned, and thus the last in green over tan, because apparently everybody forgot this combo existed some time around 2001. So yeah, I fully intend to party like it’s 1999. 

Apart from the color scheme, this Macan and my VR6-powered Volkswagen have virtually nothing in common. That’s for the best, as the power the Macan has on tap would shred that old B4 Passat chassis like so much wet tissue. Then there’s the fact that the price of the options on this Macan alone ($20,140) would nearly get you a base model Passat in 1995. The color, wheels, wheel finish, interior in “Club Leather,” 18-way sport seats, heated leather GT Sports wheel, Burmester audio, Porsche crest embossments on the headrests and the carbon fiber mirror caps were all at-cost options, as was the Sport Chrono package with the Porsche Design subsceond clock. Sue me, OK? That thing’s cool.

Total with options? $127,090. Sheesh. 

Porsche Macan Turbo exteriorPorsche Macan Turbo interior

News Editor Joel Stocksdale: I had every intention of building a nice Macan 4, because even plain Porsches are great to drive, and you don’t always need that much power to have fun. But, knowing that EVs are heavy, so a lot of power does make them feel more fun, and with how expensive the Macan 4 is off the bat, I decided to give in and build the Turbo.

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But my aesthetic choices would be the same for either model. I like unusual colors, and I was a bit split between the pink debut color called Provence, and Copper Ruby Metallic. The latter is what I went with, as I figured the metallic would look particularly nice on the Macan’s curves, and it tones down the pink just a little bit. Both colors also work great with my interior choice of Blackberry, which is another soft pink-ish color. I paired it with a bit of wood trim for some warmth. And before I forget, I picked the 22-inch Macan Sport wheels that I feel channel some of the spirit of the iconic Fuchs wheels on vintage 911s.

Outside of these aesthetic choices, my options list is fairly short, and mainly focused on performance and function. I added rear-wheel steering and the Sport Chrono Package (though skipped the expensive clock add-on). Then I picked the rear wiper and heated windshield, both features that are great in Detroit. And finally, I chose the big head-up display option, as I like having my information right in my line of sight. All my options totaled $12,570, and so my total price tag with destination was $119,520.

Editor-in-Chief Greg Migliore: I’ve always liked a dark green Porsche — think Robert Redford’s 1968 911 in the movie Spy Game — so I went with a similarly shaded Macan. It’s electric, right? Another reason to go green, like Rasa did. My interior would be the optional club leather truffle (brown), which I think furthers the retro vibe for $3,820. I also wanted the 22-inch Porsche Design wheels, ‘comfort’ seats that can be adjusted 14 ways and the LED matrix headlights. It’s freezing right now, so I went with the heated windshield, which I might not do if I were writing this in May. I’m out the door for $96,890. Not bad.

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