2025 Lotus Emeya


Sports car specialist Lotus is branching out to the luxury electric-sedan segment with an upcoming four-door model called Emeya. Expected to challenge other sporty EV sedans, such as the Audi e-tron GT and the Porsche Taycan, the Emeya is said to offer an electric powertrain with enough punch to hit 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. We’re confident Lotus can leverage its pedigree for phenomenal chassis tuning and deliver handling that will make the Emeya seriously fun to drive. To be competitive, the slinky sedan will need to offer a driving range of at least 250 miles per charge. The four-door EV wears a stylish wardrobe and a posh interior filled with cool tech. Lotus says production starts in 2024 and that the Emeya will arrive in North America as a 2025 model.

What’s New for 2025?

The Emeya will be an all-new model for Lotus when it reaches production. It will sit alongside the electric Eletre crossover in what will be a fresh lineup for Lotus, a brand known for going many years without new products.

Pricing and Which One to Buy


$100,000 (est)


$110,000 (est)


$120,000 (est)

The Emeya will be offered in a similar range of trims as the Eletre SUV, with an entry-level base model, a sportier S variant, and then a performance-oriented R version. The Emeya has the same powertrain as the Eletre and the R model packs a 905-horsepower wallop. When we find out more about the Emeya’s other trims and the car’s standard and optional features, we’ll update this story with those details and recommend the trim with the biggest bang for your buck.

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EV Motor, Power, and Performance

A pair of electric motors power the Emeya and provide all-wheel drive traction. Depending on the model you choose you’ll get either 603 horsepower or a whopping 905 ponies, the latter of which is said to propel the sedan to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds. While models with the lower horsepower rating use a simple direct-drive setup common among mainstream EVs, the 905-hp variant uses a two-speed transmission to shuttle its power to the wheels. The Porsche Taycan—an obvious rival for the Emeya—uses a similar arrangement. WHen we get a chance, we’ll take the Emeya on a test drive and update this story with driving impressions and test results.

Range, Charging, and Battery Life

The Emeya offers a large, 102.0-kWh battery pack, but driving range estimates from Lotus or the EPA have not been released. It should provide a similar driving range as the Eletre SUV though, so expect 260 miles on the low end and 315 as the maximum.

Interior, Comfort, and Cargo

Like its exterior design, the Emeya’s interior looks very similar to the Eletre SUV’s, but its four-door fastback shape will likely be less spacious. A host of premium materials line the cabin, including faux-suede upholstery, nappa leather, and genuine aluminum trim pieces. While the Emeya debuted with a four-seat layout with rear bucket seats, Lotus says a rear bench seat will also be offered in case you need space for an extra rider. The Emeya’s trunk resides under a large liftback trunk lid, similar to what you’d find on the Audi A7, and the cargo bay itself looks generously sized.

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Infotainment and Connectivity

At the center of the dashboard is a huge 15.1-inch infotainment touchscreen, but Lotus says an even bigger 55.0-inch augmented-reality head-up display will be available too, which projects critical info onto the windshield for the driver. We can also see from photos a slim display integrated into the dashboard design in front of the front-seat passenger, but we’re not sure if that screen provides access to infotainment or if it’s simply to display the date and time.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Lotus doesn’t provide spectacular coverage compared with other auto manufacturers. While its limited warranty aligns with many competitors, both its short powertrain plan and lack of complimentary maintenance are disappointing.

Limited warranty covers three years or 36,000 milesPowertrain warranty covers three years or 36,000 milesNo complimentary scheduled maintenance

As more information becomes available, we’ll update this story with more details about:

Fuel Economy and Real-World MPGe Safety and Driver-Assistance Features