2025 Mini Aceman previewed as the brand's first standalone EV

2025 Mini Aceman previewed as the brand's first standalone EV

Mini’s first standalone electric model, the Aceman, will make its debut in the coming months. It was developed to fill the gap between the Cooper and the Countryman, and photos of a camouflaged prototype give us a better idea of what to expect when it lands in showrooms.

If the name Aceman rings a bell, it’s likely because Mini introduced it on a concept unveiled in 2022 and designed to preview the production model. The pictures suggest that the crossover hasn’t changed much over the past two years: while the brand tweaked some of the design details, including the headlights, the front bumper, and the door mirrors, the overall proportions remain roughly the same. The funky-looking trim on the wheel arches carries over as well, though it looks like the EV lost ground clearance as it transitioned to a production model.

Mini stresses that the Aceman will be all-electric, all the time; it won’t be available with a gasoline-burning engine. It stretches about 160 inches long, 69 inches wide and 59 inches tall, meaning it’s around 14 inches shorter, three inches narrower and six inches lower than the new second-generation Countryman. It’s built on a 54.2-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack, but additional specifications aren’t available.

Somewhat tellingly, the aforementioned dimensions make the Aceman about the same size as the original Countryman launched in 2010. This likely explains what Mini had in mind when it made the new model much bigger than its predecessor; it carved out space for the EV.

There’s no word yet on precisely when the Aceman will lose its psychedelic camouflage and show its sheet metal; Mini notes that the unveiling will take place “in just a few months.” While nothing is official yet, we wouldn’t be surprised if the model lands in showrooms later in 2024 as a 2025 model. Details such as pricing, driving range, and where production will take place will emerge in the not-too-distant future.

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