A Sacramento Suburb Is Trying To Change The Street Name Of Poopenaut Court

A Sacramento Suburb Is Trying To Change The Street Name Of Poopenaut Court

I don’t understand why government bodies are such party poopers — first the government goes after clever and catchy digital road signs, and now Rancho Cordova City Council is trying to change the name of a locally famous street, Poopenaut Court. Yes, that’s a real name.

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The neighborhood of Sunridge Park is nestled in the city of Rancho Cordova, a scenic suburb of California’s capitol, Sacramento. Following the trend of all the other streets in this suburb by being named after trails, lakes, and other natural features, Poopenaut Ct. was named after a valley in the nearby Yosemite National Park when the subdivision of Sunridge Park was built about 18 years ago.

Poopenaut Ct. is a tiny street that’s only about 0.3 miles long, ends in a cul de sac, and really has no properties on it aside from a small facility that looks to house electrical transformers. There are no private residences on Poopenaut Ct., and looking at it on Google Earth reflects this general isolation. In fact, there is a “No Dumping” sign posted below Poopenaut Ct.’s street sign because it is so isolated that people would dump their crap there. The Rancho Cordova City Council met last year to discuss Poopenaut Ct. and the potential to change the street’s name, despite council members’ refusal to state the street’s name, as explains CBS News Sacramento’s reporting on the story.

Rancho Cordova City Council to consider changing name of “stinky” street

When I was a kid, I read a book called “Everyone Poops” that taught kids not to be ashamed of this natural bodily function, explaining that all animals poop, too. We all poop several times a week, and if lawmakers are too immature to say the simple name of a street, how can they be trusted with making any positive change? I truly don’t understand why the name Poopenaut Ct. would be considered offensive, especially considering that it’s the name of a real valley in Yosemite.

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The debate surrounding Poopenaut Ct. is simply asinine. These city council members are wasting their community’s time and money just squatting in the office debating this topic. The street has been named Poopenaut Ct. for long enough for it to vote if it were a human, so why is the city suddenly deciding to try and wipe it out? Personally, I think it’s a load of crap. Were this street named after some confederate general whose legacy was exclusively harmful, then I could see the need to reassess, but Poopenaut Ct. is named after a peaceful local geographical feature. I say leave Poopenaut Ct. alone and push on to more urgent matters.