At the Forefront: How the P&C industry is addressing the growing risk of supply chain

by Insurance Institute of Ontario

March 28, 2023

Supply chains are an integral part of the economy and global commerce. The production and sale of a product require a variety of individuals, organizations, resources, and technologies, and the recent challenges introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, as well as a prolonged period of globalisation, have caused supply chains to grow in size, volume, and complexity on both a micro and macro scale.

To better understand how supply chain disruption impacts the p&c industry, join us March 28, 2023, as Marc Lipman, President, Lloyd’s Canada discusses the challenges, opportunities, complexities, and limitations of supply chain disruption.Supply chain risk is now a growing and proven threat; the impact varies between events and industries, and unlike natural disasters, are not confined to a geographical region. As insurance professionals, it is critical to understand how these disruptions impact your clients.

After attending this session, you will walk away with a better understanding of:

supply chain disruption
the current risk landscape
the interconnectedness of supply chains
the effect of supply chain disruption on the food and dink industry
opportunities for product innovations
how the p&c industry is responding to disruptions/supporting clients

Marc Lipman
Attorney in Fact in Canada for Lloyd’s Underwriters
President, Lloyd’s Canada

CE hours : 1 RIBO hour (pending)
Sponsored by: Strategic Resource Consultants

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