Boston’s ‘Cheater Car’ Is Just A Dumb Halloween Costume

Boston’s ‘Cheater Car’ Is Just A Dumb Halloween Costume

Americans take Halloween pretty seriously, it turns out, taking to decorating their homes with all kinds of skeletons, pumpkins and other accouterments. Now, it appears those festive decorations have made their way onto cars as well as houses, sidewalks and any other bland surface that shows its face for the month of October.

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A car has been spied in Boston plastered with red paint, police tape and all kinds of scrawled markings. At first, it looks like the car has been vandalized by an ex that was cheated on by the car’s owner. However, it looks remarkably similar to another car that was attacked by a heartbroken ex last year. And quite a lot like a third car that was vandalized for similar reasons in 2020.

This doesn’t mean there’s one very unlucky person that keeps being cheated on so they attack their partner’s car, or that there’s one prolific cheater who keeps getting their car trashed. Rather, there’s one driver who likes to make their car look that way, because this is all just a ruse!

The “cheater car” is owned by Boston student Perry Sullivan, according to And instead of being a pathological cheater, Sullivan is just a dedicated decorator and merely dressed his car up for halloween. According to the site:

“People would jump to these conclusions,” Sullivan said. “I found it very interesting.”

He simply does it for fun, a hobby he started during the pandemic as a way to get out of his head during a stressful time. Sullivan said his love for cars started when he was little, and he just never grew out of it.

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“When you’re younger, you’re playing with toy cars,” Sullivan said. “My love of cars, it didn’t end.”

Despite Sullivan claiming responsibility for the stunt, that hasn’t stopped some onlookers from thinking the car was trashed by a deranged ex. Some took to the internet to cry that people should “just deal with their personal drama in private,” while another onlooker claimed that “he deserved it.”

But now you know, the car wasn’t actually trashed by a heartbroken lover, and was instead messed up by a prankster. So next year, when you undoubtedly see a “cheater car” prowling the streets, just remember it’s just Boston student Perry Sullivan playing his jokes on us all once again.