Bubba Wallace Heads For A Galaxy Far, Far Away From NASCAR's Playoffs

Bubba Wallace Heads For A Galaxy Far, Far Away From NASCAR's Playoffs

Bubba Wallace’s No. 23 Toyota Camry will be doing a special Star Wars paint scheme for the NASCAR Cup Series season finale this weekend at Phoenix Raceway. The livery is intended to promote 23XI Racing sponsor Columbia Sportswear’s upcoming Star Wars collection, but the design is far more than just a couple of logos and movie characters slapped onto some bodywork.

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The reveal video shared by Columbia opens with Bubba Wallace wearing a firesuit designed to be reminiscent of the beveled flight suits worn by Resistance pilots in the Star Wars movies. Wallace is soon joined by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill, who gives the NASCAR driver the keys to his ride for the championship race. The familiar orchestral music from the movies swells for the big reveal.

The paint scheme itself is impressive. Meant to mimic an X-Wing Starfighter, the livery has shaded and textured details to give the impression that this stock car has been in combat against the Galactic Empire. There’s even R2D2 painted on the car’s roof, just above the windshield, as if the beloved droid was mounted to the Toyota Camry. Hamill even hands a helmet with an evocative starfighter pilot design to Wallace.

Bubba Wallace’s No. 23 Grimace Camry and Tyler Reddick No. 45 Hamburglar CamryPhoto: James Gilbert (Getty Images)

With today’s carousel of sponsors in the NASCAR Cup Series, no driver runs the same paint scheme every paint scheme. The 23XI team has been more ambitious than most when it comes to special job paints. Wallace’s teammate Tyler Reddick has raced several sneaker-inspired schemes from Nike’s Jordan brand, as NBA Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is a team co-owner. Both drivers have even driven with liveries styled after McDonald’s mascots like the Hamburglar and Grimace.

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Out on track, Wallace has had a pretty good season out on track. He reached the Cup Series playoffs for the first time but was eliminated from championship contention after the second round. He’ll likely be aiming to beat his season-best finish of fourth this Sunday in Phoenix. May the force be with him.