Buick Enclave spy photos reveal curvy, minimal interior

Buick Enclave spy photos reveal curvy, minimal interior

We got a pretty good look at the next-generation Buick Enclave last month via some spy photos, and this month we get a peek inside. While the exterior takes after the Wildcat concept, the interior follows in the path set by the recently redesigned and launched Encore GX and Envista.

The focal point of the new Enclave’s interior is the curved screen panel encompassing both the instrumentation and the infotainment. It has the rounded, inverted trapezoid look of the little Buicks, but from the gap in the screen covers, it looks like the screens will fill up the housing much better on those base crossovers. Just below the infotainment side of the screen array is a minimalist set of climate control buttons (piano key style) and a pair of air vents. It’s difficult to tell much else of the dash due to the coverings. Based on the little Buicks, the screen probably sits on a small alcove with the rest of the dash being smoother and wrapping around behind the screen.

The steering wheel isn’t shared with the smaller Buicks, nor does it appear to be that similar to what we’ve seen in either the new Chevy Traverse or the GMC Acadia. It has a sleek, simple three-spoke design with a small circular center horn and airbag section. We also noticed the black plastic strip at the top of the wheel that likely houses the lighting and infrared sensors that go along with GM’s Super Cruise hands-free highway driving assist.

We’re expecting the Enclave to be revealed soon, possibly early next year, with deliveries coming soon after. This is because this prototype looks pretty much production-ready, and we’ve already seen its cousins from Chevy and GMC. It will likely get the same turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder making 328 horsepower and 326 pound-feet of torque with an eight-speed automatic and either front- or all-wheel drive.

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