Buy Tom Cruise's Top Gun Sunglasses And Feel The Need For Speed

Buy Tom Cruise's Top Gun Sunglasses And Feel The Need For Speed

Unfortunately, due to “laws” or whatever, folks like you and I cannot buy an F-14 Tomcat or F/A-18 Super Hornet to tool around in while living out our Top Gun fantasies. However, a consolation prize is now up for grabs: Maverick’s iconic sunglasses.

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That’s right, Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell’s screen-worn Ray-Ban sunglasses from Tony Scott’s legendary film Top Gun are up for auction right now. Think about how hot you’d look in these bad boys. Think of all the shirtless volleyball you could be playing. Think of how many enemy MiGs you could shoot down. The possibilities are endless, and the power lies in the glasses.

Sadly for all of us, these iconic sunglasses won’t come cheap. Bidding opened fairly recently, and although no one has placed one yet, the minimum bid is $10,000. It’s a small price to pay for something that is integral to the fabric of America.

If you’re not sure if these Ray-Bans are right for you just yet, don’t worry. Bidding doesn’t close until October 7, so you’ve got plenty of time to convince your partner (wingman) that you need these. Also, just saying but that’s less than a week after my birthday, if anyone wants to get me a gift.

According to Studio Auctions, the sunglasses were most notably worn in the final scene where Maverick and Iceman share a tender embrace. Just like Maverick, these glasses aren’t perfect, either. They have a little bit of wear (BECAUSE TOM FUCKIN’ CRUISE WORE THEM) and a minor scratch on the right lens. Who the hell cares? That’s authenticity, baby!

But I hear you: you want to be the coolest guy to ever live, and you’re not sure these sunglasses will be enough. Well, don’t worry, because there’s so much more. Pair these sunglasses with the tuxedo Marlon Brando wore in The Godfather (for just a $50,000 starting bid) and the fuckin’ bat they beat the shit out of Joe Pesci with in Casino (a bargain at just $2,000 to start), and you’re guaranteed to look sharp as hell.

Buddy, if you feel the need for speed, there is no other eyewear you should even be considering. Although I suppose if 10 grand is a little much for you, a similar pair of new Ray-Ban Aviator Classics will run you about $170. But, that’s not fun at all.