California Dealer Wants $158,495 For A Nissan Z Nismo

California Dealer Wants $158,495 For A Nissan Z Nismo

I would have used a photo from the actual listing, but they appear to have all been shot on a Motorola Razr, so a press shot will have to suffice. Photo: Nissan

When we first drove the 2024 Nissan Z Nismo, it didn’t exactly blow us away. Its track-focused suspension isn’t great on public roads, there’s no manual gearbox available and, perhaps most importantly, its $66,000 base price is too high for the driving experience you get. If you thought that might dissuade dealers from adding massive markups, though, you would be sorely mistaken. It’s not 2019 anymore, so say hello to ads for six-figure Z Nismos.

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The Drive reports that news of the latest marked-up Z came from a Z fan group on Facebook. The initial post claimed a dealer in El Monte, California had a $68,500 Z Nismo listed with an $89,995 markup, giving it a final price of $158,495. For comparison, that’s more than you’d pay for a Porsche 911 GTS with a manual transmission. Sure, a 911 is a more common sight than the Z, but come on. Who in their right mind would pay manual 911 GTS money for a Z Nismo?

It almost sounds too ridiculous to be true, but The Drive reportedly contacted the dealership, and a salesperson confirmed that the markup is legitimate. That said, they also stated that they’re “willing to take any offers.” So it sounds like even the dealer knows how absurd a $90,000 markup on a $68,000 car is. Odds are, they’re just hoping that some idiot with more money than common sense shows up, but they know they’ll probably have to come down at some point since, like, come on. 

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But that doesn’t mean they’re willing to throw in the towel just yet. On the original Facebook post, the user who first shared it followed up with a comment claiming that the dealership actually got an offer for $40,000 over MSRP but didn’t take it. Assuming that’s true, it sounds like they’re not quite ready to negotiate. If it does end up selling for that ridiculous price, hopefully, the Z community makes sure they’re openly mocked for paying nearly $160,000 for their $68,000 car.