Chicago May Be The Next U.S. City To Host Formula 1

Chicago May Be The Next U.S. City To Host Formula 1

After filing numerous trademarks for different potential naming structures for a Chicago F1 race, fans are buzzing about the possibility of a fourth U.S. F1 circuit, this time in the most populous city in the American midwest. 

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There have been no statements or public discussions surrounding a Chicago circuit, but these trademark filings are necessary early steps before making any announcements. While this may indicate that a new race is coming, F1 filed trademark applications for New York, Miami, and Las Vegas Grands Prix in 2017, but only two of those cities saw races last season so it could go either way.

The trademark applications included four potential titles, including ‘Formula 1 Chicago Grand Prix’, ‘Grand Prix of Chicago’, ‘Formula 1 Grand Prix of Chicago’, and ‘Chicago Grand Prix’ the Drive reports,

If there is a Chicago Grand Prix, it won’t happen until 2025 at the absolute earliest, as the 2024 season calendar is already set. If it does happen, it will be interesting to see if F1 replaces one of the existing United States races—there are currently the U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, the Las Vegas Grand Prix, and the Miami Grand Prix—or if Chicago would be added to the calendar. The latter would give the U.S. four different F1 races, by far and away more than any other country.

F1 has shown interest in The Windy City before, though, when it set up a little popup circuit with Red Bull. However, there haven’t even been any public discussions between F1 and the city of Chicago, so at least for the moment, this is just a preemptive trademark filing. This also wouldn’t be the first street race through Chicago, as NASCAR held one last year and will be doing so again in 2024.

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While this news doesn’t guarantee that the resurging popularity of F1 will grace The Windy City with its presence, it is an exciting potential race that would delight midwesterners, especially considering that it would be in driveable proximity to America’s own crucible of cars, Detroit. As long as F1 doesn’t host the event in the dead of winter or the brutal heat of Chicago summers, a Chicago Grand Prix would be an exciting addition to the global sensation of Formula 1 racing. Also, if a Chicago Grand Prix does become a reality, please weld down or secure the manhole covers.