Comment Of The Day: Let's Ride Edition

Comment Of The Day: Let's Ride Edition

Photo: Buena Vista Pictures

Last weekend, a woman allegedly stole a horse and buggy from outside a Walmart in Michigan. It turns out, legally, she would’ve been much better off stealing a car — not only would the getaway be a lot easier, but the charges against her would be far, far lower.

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But in much of the United States, horse theft is no longer a common pastime — we have cars for that now, you see. So FiveLiters1, perhaps a master car thief themselves, proposed what might have been going through the alleged thief’s head when she took the reins:

Google tells me that most buggy-pulling horses are draft horses, rather than mustangs, but Google does not tell me how to tell one from another when it’s covered in saddles and towing hardware. Perhaps this alleged thief had a similar issue. She went out in search of a Mustang, and found something that could be one. How’s she to know the difference between a Ford and a Fjord?

I can only hope that, for the sake of the bit, the horse in question was already named Eleanor. It doesn’t seem like an entirely unreasonable name for an Amish horse to have — it’s not Braxlynn or anything — and it would just be too good for the horse to share a name with the most famously stolen Mustang in cinematic history.

Congratulations, FiveLiters1, on your Comment Of The Day win. I only ask that you use your horse-vehicle-differentiation skills for good, and do not go after my BMW Gelande-Strasse when you mean to steal a gelding.

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