Congress Wants a New TSA No-Fly List Because of All the Terrible Passengers

Congress Wants a New TSA No-Fly List Because of All the Terrible Passengers

If you’ve noticed that people’s behavior on planes has gotten worse lately, you’re not alone. And we’re not just talking about the rising number of people who for whatever cursed reason think it’s appropriate to expose other passengers to their bare feet. The number of unruly, violent, or otherwise disruptive passengers is also on the rise, and it’s gotten bad enough that Congress is looking to institute a new no-fly list for people who can’t behave themselves on a flight.

How a Hacker Uncovered the TSA’s No-Fly List

In case you missed it:

Axios reports that both the Senate and the House have introduced legislation that would allow the Transportation Security Administration to ban people from flying if they assault or interfere with airline crew members. The TSA would also be able to determine how long someone is banned, although the legislation does include a provision to allow people put on the list to appeal the TSA’s decision.

If this idea sounds familiar, it’s because Congress tried but failed to pass a similar bill last year. Hopefully, it passes this time around, but with Republicans in control of the House, we’re not optimistic about its chances. After all, why would they support Democratic-sponsored legislation that would affect their base’s freedom to scream at flight attendants who are just trying to do their jobs? That’s how you get primaried.

Maybe we’ll get lucky, though, and the Protection from Abusive Passengers Act will actually become law. If you can’t behave yourself on a flight, you can find another way to travel. It’s not the flight attendant’s fault you’re a grown-ass adult who throws a temper tantrum whenever you’re told “no.” But also, could the bill maybe be amended to also require passengers to keep their shoes on during the flight? Please? NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR DAMN FEET, MARGE!

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