Did Toyota accidentally leak the new Camry?

Did Toyota accidentally leak the new Camry?

Toyota may have given the world an unintended sneak peek at an updated Camry. The illustration of a red sedan with a brand new face appears partway through an innocuous video about buying versus leasing. The video has since been taken down.

Noticed by CarBuzz, the drawing adorns the cover of a book in the video titled called “The Amazing Toyota.” It wears C-shaped headlights that connect to the grille in one graphic spanning the front of the car, similar to the sexy new Prius. As the article noted, it resembles other recent Toyota designs, like the Crown Sport unveiled in 2022. 

However, that Crown Sport is a half-wagon, half-SUV, and the body of the car in the video is distinctly a sedan, much lower to the ground. The rest of the leaked illustration shows door cut lines and a greenhouse that look identical to the current Camry’s. It also has the surfacing of the rear quarter panel that forms a small flare over the rear wheel arch. 

The 2024 Camry is carried over with minimal changes, going on its seventh year. It’s due for an update, but the car in the image doesn’t look like a full generational redesign. It’ll likely be another facelift with minor hardware tweaks, and we’re all for a cleaner style than the busy nose of the current Camry. Perhaps the large black wheels and aggressive air intake hint at a sporty version like a TRD, or even the rumored performance-spec GR Camry.

The Camry is currently the only traditional sedan in the top 10 lest of best-selling cars of 2023 so far, and still an important model for the Big T. However, with other companies rumored to be killing off their staple sedans, we can’t blame Toyota for not investing in an all-new generation. The sedan market continues to shrink as crossovers take over.

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