Entry-level Fisker Ocean Sport rated at 288 miles of WLTP range

Entry-level Fisker Ocean Sport rated at 288 miles of WLTP range

The Fisker Ocean has again beat company expectations in Europe. In March of this year, the top Ocean Extreme trim secured an estimated range rating of 440 miles on the WLTP cycle from European regulators, outdoing Fisker’s early predictions by 50 miles. The entry-level Ocean Sport trim ran the same gauntlet, emerging with an estimated range rating of 288 miles, 13 more than proposed by the early math. In the UK, the Ocean Sport posts a longer range than entry-level trims of the Tesla Model Y (283), Ford Mustang Mach-E (240), Hyundai Ioniq 5 (238), and Skoda Enyaq (249). It is also appreciably less expensive than all of these.

The rating applies to the Sport on the standard 20-inch wheels. The entry trim comes with a smaller 80-kWh battery called the Touring pack compared to the 113-kWh Hyper Range battery in the Ultra and Extreme trims. The Touring battery also uses a different chemistry, a less expensive lithium-ion phosphate mix as opposed to the Hyper Range’s nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) cell chemistry. The battery powers a single motor on the front axle making 271 horsepower.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency rated the Ocean Extreme at 360 miles of estimated range but hasn’t tested the Sport yet. The Ocean page on the Fisker site predicts the Sport’s estimated range in the U.S. will be 231 miles; however, downloading a specs page gives a different number, 250 miles. 

The automaker still hasn’t said when buyers will be able to take delivery of the Sport trim, but it reported Q3 results this month and a mix of good and not-so-good news. Internal issues with weak financial controls and the departure of the automaker’s chief accounting officer after just two weeks on the job delayed reporting for the quarter ended September 30. Fisker pruned its production forecast again, from as many as 23,000 units for all of 2023 to a maximum of 17,000 units; the original target had been 42,000 units. Production numbers are up, though, manufacturing partner Magna-Steyr building 4,725 units in Q3. Now Fisker needs to beef up its delivery operation, which is having trouble keeping track with production. U.S. and European deliveries counted 1,097 units, compared to 11 units in Q2. Q4 should make another enormous leap, Fisker delivering 1,200 Oceans in October alone. Reservation holders in Canada and The Netherlands are expected to begin receiving their order this quarter, and in Q1, deliveries are slated to begin in Portugal, Spain, and Italy.  

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