F1 Fans Bombard Mercedes With Orders For Cans Of Red Bull After QR Code Exposed

F1 Fans Bombard Mercedes With Orders For Cans Of Red Bull After QR Code Exposed

F1 podium celebrations have changed a bit.Photo: CHRISTOPHE SIMON/AFP (Getty Images)

The rivalry between Mercedes and Red Bull in Formula 1 became one of the hottest we’ve seen in years when it reached fever pitch back in 2021. But while Mercedes has lacked the form of their archrivals in recent seasons, the pair are still always out to take pop-shots at each other. Now, F1 fans have gotten in on the action, bombarding Mercedes with orders for cans of Red Bull.

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But how can fans order a Formula 1 team cans of a pokey little energy drink? Well, it all kicked off at this weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka when seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton was being interviewed for TV coverage.

During the interview, fans spotted a QR code propped up behind him. Eagle-eyed viewers spied the code and scanned it to see what it led to. It turned out to be the mobile ordering system for the hospitality bar at Mercedes’ setup in Japan, so fans quickly set to work.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy, fans soon began bombarding the Mercedes bar with orders for one item in particular: cans of Red Bull.

The site reports that orders for cans of Red Bull soon flooded the hospitality area, with Mercedes admitting that it did stock a small number of cans but “don’t advertise the fact.” There were cans flying out to both Mercedes drivers, including Hamilton and teammate George Russell. The site added that orders for the energy drink were flying in for “several hours after the interview” went out.

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To try and stop the orders in their tracks, Mercedes reportedly switched out the ordering QR code for a new one, but La Gazzetta dello Sport adds that “the damage had already been done.”

Now, the team will be hoping to shake up its online ordering system at the remaining races on the 2023 calendar, which includes stops in Las Vegas, Qatar and Mexico.