Florida Divers Working A Cold Case Found 32 Vehicles In A Lake, Which Isn't Sketchy At All

Florida Divers Working A Cold Case Found 32 Vehicles In A Lake, Which Isn't Sketchy At All

Screenshot: WSVN

Ken Fleming and Doug Bishop may not be cops, but they do work to solve missing persons cold cases. It’s a volunteer gig that involves traveling up and down the state of Florida, using sonar to search various bodies of water for clues. And according to WSVN, one of their recent searches turned up 32 cars at the bottom of a lake in Doral, Florida.

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And just because that’s a little out of the ordinary, they’re jumping to the conclusion that their find indicates some sort of criminal activity in the area. As if there’s no good reason for all of those cars to be at the bottom of a lake. You never know, someone could be trying to give the fish a more enriching environment or something. It doesn’t have to be criminals hiding the evidence of their crimes.

“When we discover a spot like this with multiple vehicles, it pretty much indicates that a crime where they’re disposing the vehicles and hiding them from law enforcement,” Fleming told WSVN. “We have a giant database of our own that we extract, where we go, ‘This person is missing with their vehicle in this general region of South Florida.’ And so, we have 40 that we’re targeting right now of folks that disappeared, anywhere from two or three months ago to 30, 40 years ago.

“We have a case where someone drove from Pinellas County down to pick up their relatives at the airport, and then they disappeared,” he continued, “So, in this spot, we’re near the airport, it’s a large body of water, it has easy access to get into, so we would target that as a potential foul play spot.”

Crimes? In the state of Florida? That’s just ridiculous. Kids these days will just find 32 cars at the bottom of a lake and jump to any conclusion. What ever happened to trust and good faith? Not everything is evidence of a crime just because it’s very obvious that it’s evidence a crime took place. Geez.