Ford Offering $2500 If 2023 Bronco Customers Switch to Another Model Than What They Ordered

Ford Offering $2500 If 2023 Bronco Customers Switch to Another Model Than What They Ordered

Ford still can’t build enough Broncos, and the issues aren’t about to go away if our reading of the tea leaves in a new “2023-Model Bronco Cancel Order & Purchase Replacement Offer” are correct.The letter, which Ford recently sent to dealers, says that customers can get a $2500 discount if they order a different Ford model before early April.Another option is to switch to a lower-trim or lower-content Bronco by removing “constrained commodities.”

Ford has a problem, and it thinks $2500 might make it go away. The problem—admittedly, a good one to have—is that demand for the Ford Bronco has remained strong since the Jeep-esque off-roader debuted in 2021. But, supply chain and production challenges have meant that Ford has had to repeatedly delay Bronco orders. Now, Ford is going to force, in Ford’s words, a “small number of existing Bronco reservation and order holders” who ordered but have not yet received their 2023 Bronco to choose among four options, none of which will result in these customers getting the vehicle they ordered.

First reported by Cars Direct, Ford has sent an incentive bulletin to dealers that offers anyone who’s ordered a 2023 Bronco a $2500 discount if they switch to another Ford model. The 2023-Model Bronco Cancel Order & Purchase Replacement Offer says Ford is prepared to give “an additional incentive to cancel their current 23MY Bronco Order and retail order an eligible 23MY Ford vehicle,” according to Cars Direct. Customers can get the discount if they make the switch to one of seven other Ford models before April 3. The qualifying list of non-Bronco vehicles includes the Escape, Bronco Sport, Edge, Explorer, Expedition, Ranger, and F-150.

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The Mustang Mach-E, F-150 Tremor, and Raptor apparently do not qualify.

Ford told Car and Driver that the causes of the problems are, unsurprisingly, ongoing supply-chain challenges. The missing parts mean that certain “constrained features,” like the Sasquatch and Lux packages and the Molded in Color Hard Top, are not going to be available for 2023 My Bronco customers who ordered them and have not yet received their vehicle.

“Customers who remove constrained features are expected to receive a 2023 model year Bronco along with a $2500 rebate toward purchase or lease in addition to existing MSRP price protection they may have,” Ford spokesperson Mike Levine told C/D.

Customers who don’t want to modify their reservation will have to accept one of four options. As mentioned, there’s the $2500 rebate. Customers can also just cancel their reservation and get their original $100 deposit back. Third, they can try to find a “suitable Bronco” at a dealer that happens to have one. Finally, they can just cancel their order and place a new one for a 2024 Bronco.

“If we are not able to schedule a reservation or order for production, it will be canceled for the 2023 model year and their $100 reservation deposit will be refunded automatically,” Levine said.

One problem with all of this is that no one can order a new Bronco at the moment. While the configurator remains active, Ford’s consumer site also says, “Due to high demand, the current model year [2023 Bronco] is no longer available for retail order. Limited inventory may be available at selected dealers.” There’s also no way to order a 2024 Bronco through the site just yet. Ford’s site also says, “[Bronco] supplies are limited and there are no guarantees.” You don’t say.

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