Ford Ranger Off-Road Vehicle Concept Takes Ford's Midsize Pickup Overlanding

Ford Ranger Off-Road Vehicle Concept Takes Ford's Midsize Pickup Overlanding

The most anticipated Ford Ranger is the Raptor in the U.S., but Ford is debuting a midsize truck at SEMA to showcase the new Ranger’s off-road aspirations. The truck maker calls it the 2024 Ford Ranger Ford Performance ORV Concept, which is too wordy. The operative words could possibly be meant to evoke vehicles from Ford SVT, which went on to become Ford Performance.

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Underneath its wordy name and off-road farkles, the Ranger ORV is simply a 2024 Ranger XLT 4X4 in a double cab (SuperCrew) configuration. It’s powered by the standard 2.3-liter inline-four engine in the new Ranger, which makes 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. The EcoBoost engine is mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Standard fare on the midsizer, which is now more capable thanks to the factory add-ons. No aftermarket necessary.

The Ford Performance Off-Road vehicle (ORV) family targets turn-key solutions to transform Ford trucks and SUVs into even more highly capable off-roading vehicles.

The Ranger Ford Performance Off-Road concept package targets the overlanding space. Available on 2024 Ranger XLT and Lariat models with four-wheel-drive equipped, this package elevates the truck’s capability with an ARB overland suspension kit. ARB also provides new front and rear bumpers with additional recovery points, while an onboard air compressor, SOLIS lights, and a 47-quart refrigerator/freezer are also available.

The ORV in the concept’s name stands for “off-road vehicle,” and Ford is going to add the suffix to some of its new trucks and SUVs to denote a package that includes suspension upgrades and underbody protection from ARB, along with different 17-inch wheels and new graphics.

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The package will include an ARB suspension, ARB skid plates, ARB front and rear bumpers with integrated recovery points and Ford Performance badging throughout the Ranger.

The Ford Ranger FP ORV Concept, however, is meant to be an overlanding machine, so comes with extras that are not standard in the new ORV Package.
These include a 47-quart fridge and freezer, rock rail running boards, off-road auxiliary lighting, a jack and bed mount, and an air compressor — all of which are made by ARB, which is apparently Ford’s partner for the ORV package.

But be wary of the word “turn-key.” It seems carmakers insist on these new vehicles. Trucks and SUVs are subject to these packages more than cars, because off-roading is popular right now. Even sports cars like the Porsche 911 are going mudding, and that means auto makers like Ford and Chevy are offering new packages on their popular trucks. These packages offer finished products, but lack the personal touch that off-road trucks and SUVs once had.

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