Handling Claims with Multiple Policies

Canadian Underwriter

by Risk Management Counsel of Canada (RMC)

November 23, 2023

Insurers are often confronted with claims involving multiple policies and/or multiple jurisdictions. These claims immediately raise questions about coverage and shared defences. In this webinar, RMC lawyers from Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta will review key case law, common claim scenarios and how best insurers should proceed when dealing with multiple policies

Part 1 – Multiple Policies

Tony Slemko K.C. and Amanda Kostek of CBM Lawyers will discuss CGL and course of construction policies and the steps insurers should take when there are two or more polices with the same coverage.

Part 2 – Additional Insured

Fillmore Riley LLP’s Andrew Loewen will discuss caselaw addressing the test for when an insurer will have an obligation to defend/indemnify an Additional Insured

Part 3 – The Vale decision: jurisdiction, forum & insurance coverage

Blaney McMurtry’s Jason Mangano will dive into the Ontario Court of Appeal’s Vale v RSA decision, a case of notable significance as it pertains to jurisdiction and forum matters in the context of complex long tail insurance coverage dispute involving over 90 policies issued in different locations covering risks all over the world.

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