Here Are 15 Of The Funkiest Cars I Saw While In Italy

Here Are 15 Of The Funkiest Cars I Saw While In Italy

Photo: Rob Emslie/Jalopnik

Location: Montecatini Terme

As with the original Cinquecento, Fiat sought to bring motoring to the masses at the lowest possible cost with the ’80s Panda. To do so, they naturally turned to one of Italy’s famed design houses — Giorgetto Giugiaro’s Italdesign.

Giugiaro’s take on the Panda called for flat glass in every window opening, sling-style seats, and a simple three-door hatch design. Fiat took those simple blueprints and ran with them in the creation of what is arguably one of history’s great cheap cars.

Of course, the cheeky little Panda found fans outside of simply those raiding the couch cushions and skipping avocado toast to buy them. Additional models at higher price points were naturally introduced over time. One of those was this Panda 4X4, which is parked next to a much more modern take on the 4X4 car theme, a Range Rover Evoque.

Fiat turned to Austria’s Steyr-Puch for the entirety of the Panda 4X4’s drivetrain, electing only to provide the car’s 48-horsepower 965 cc four-cylinder engine from the FWD Panda 45. The 4X4 was introduced in 1983, three years after the first salvo of Pandas hit the market.

Along with the 4X4 hardware underneath, the Panda 4X4 offers a unique embossed hatch and a raised ride height. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure take it over that Evoque.

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