Hot Wheels Hot Dog Car Delivers Deliciousness

Hot Wheels Hot Dog Car Delivers Deliciousness

There is something beautiful about the ingenuity that humans will display in an effort to avoid doing something menial like walking down a flight of stairs to put some hot dogs on a charcoal grill. This afternoon while scrolling through the dopamine slot machine that is TikTok, I spotted this incredible example of the human condition. Having constructed an elevated Hot Wheels track that gives a gravity-powered wheel-based delivery mechanic to pork-based product tube meat, we are treated to a few successful runs down the track.

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When I first saw the video I wasn’t sure where it was going, but within two seconds of the video’s start there was a hot dog plopped on a set of wheels, and I was hooked. Once the ‘dog was on the iconic orange track, I was giddy like a school child. I’ll forgive them for having Christmas lights up on their deck railing in October, purely for creating a thing that made me smile today. Hopefully it’ll make you smile, too.

Pablo Rochat is an artist and creative, which shows because it takes that kind of brain to put together something this perfect. Not only did they go to all of this extra effort for a very simple task, but they executed it perfectly. The simple trial and error that must have gone into this project is admirable. Surely there was at least a bit of mental work expended to figure out just how attached the hot dog needed to be in order to stay on the rails, but to disconnect at just the right moment, not to mention the angle and velocity needed for the ‘dog to do a perfect Olympic-level summersault from the track to land smack on the grill above the hot coals.

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Eat your heart out Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, there’s a new car-based hot dog delivery machine to love. Tremendous work. Zero notes.