Hudson Restoration Becomes an EcoClaim Certified Firm

Hudson Restoration Becomes an EcoClaim Certified Firm

TORONTO, ON, JANUARY 26, 2024/insPRESS/ – Hudson Restoration, a leading boutique and eco-friendly property restoration firm, is proud to announce that it has achieved certification from EcoClaim, a pioneering organization in the field of sustainable insurance practices.

As the world grapples with the escalating challenges of climate change, it has become increasingly crucial for companies in all sectors to contribute to global sustainability efforts. The insurance sector, particularly, is facing regulatory imperatives to manage and report scope 3 emissions, as mandated by the new FRFI (federally regulated financial institutions) legislation in Canada.

“Hudson Restoration’s certification with EcoClaim signifies a significant step in our journey towards environmental responsibility. EcoClaim’s multi-faceted approach, which includes state-of-the-art data analytics and real-time emissions tracking, aligns perfectly with our mission to provide environmentally conscious property restoration services. We will continue to roll out these practices across our growing franchise locations as well.” – Zach Hudson, Director of Marketing and Sustainability, Hudson Restoration.

This certification enhances Hudson’s ability to help their clients meet their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. By incorporating EcoClaim’s robust methodology into their operations, they are now better equipped to track and manage Scope 3 emissions, particularly those arising from property claims. This information can then be passed along to their clients.

Hudson Restoration believes that their partnership with EcoClaim is not just about fulfilling regulatory requirements but is a step towards a broader goal of achieving global sustainability. They look forward to working hand in hand with their stakeholders to meet these challenges and contribute meaningfully to a more sustainable future.

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About Hudson Restoration
Hudson Restoration is a leading boutique and eco-friendly disaster restoration company in Canada, providing remediation, restoration, and reconstruction services, specializing in luxury residential and commercial properties.

Founded in 2009, Hudson has developed a reputation built on sophisticated levels of craftsmanship, communication, and personal service, with an industry-leading, and ever deepening eco-friendly approach to help customers and insurance clients meet environmental and net-zero targets.

Although capable of handling large influxes of claims, Hudson has focused on maintaining lower than average Project Manager / claim ratios and keeping claim counts manageable. This people-first philosophy supports team wellness, and empowers excellent customer service and communication.

Today Hudson delivers construction and restoration service across Southern Ontario, and shares their vision through an expanding and exclusive national corporate and franchise network. Please visit for more information. For franchising information, please visit

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Margo Malowney, VP Business Development & Culture