I Refuse To Believe Evan Honer Doesn't Know About Cars

I Refuse To Believe Evan Honer Doesn't Know About Cars

Screenshot: Evan Honer

Recently, I learned about an artist by the name of Evan Honer who sings a song called “I Don’t Know Shit About Cars,” which is super catchy and also a total lie. All you have to see to know that Evan is a total fraud is the inclusion of a beautiful 280Z in the official music video. If he didn’t know shit about cars, why would he include such a fantastic car? He could very easily have replaced it with a Toyota Camry.

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And yet, Evan Honer didn’t use a Toyota Camry in his music video about the fact, among other things, that he knows nothing about cars. If the song had been named, “I’m Not The Best At Fixing Up Cars,” that would’ve been one thing, but no. Evan decided to call his song, “I Don’t Know Shit About Cars.” Look, I’m sorry, Evan, but you’re a liar. You can’t not know shit about cars while choosing a 280Z for your song about not knowing shit about cars.

Am I writing this post just because I want you to listen to Evan’s song? Absolutely. Evan’s song is just catchy as hell, and more people should listen to it. And while I fully understand some folks won’t necessarily like every artist that I listen to, Honer’s sound is mainstream enough that I feel more comfortable recommending him than, say, Casey Donahew Band.

That said, it’s worth pointing out that while the line, “Isbell had it right/I get lonely at night,” might imply that Jason Isbell has a song called “Lonely At Night,” that is not the case. However, his wife Amanda Shires does have a song called “Lonely At Night.” Am I just mentioning this as an excuse to also recommend Shires’ solo work? You bet your ass I am. Not that Isbell doesn’t have plenty of songs about being lonely. If you’ve never listened to Goddamn Lonely Love, have you ever even been sad before?

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Anyway, Even Honer wrote a song called “I Don’t Know Shit About Cars,” and it’s good, so you should listen to it. Or just watch for the 280Z.

Evan Honer – idk shit about cars (Official Music Video)