IBAO Webinar: Level Up Your Negotiation Skills

Canadian Underwriter


December 01, 2022

We live in an environment guided by instinct, attraction, and influential emotion. Understanding the power that lies within the art of persuasion is a fundamental skill each one of us can unlock and provide ultimate value in our everyday life – from negotiating with your children, to bargaining on the Marketplace or persuading your colleagues in understanding the value of your proposal. Take advantage in joining our webinar on the Power of Persuasion which will benefit all industry professionals who want to learn how to effectively negotiate and persuade the other side.

This session will be of great benefit to Brokers, Agents, Property & Casualty Underwriters and Adjusters as negotiating skills are required for everyone in our industry.


Apply the 10 principles to achieve a win-win negotiation outcome
Effectively prepare and plan for all negotiations
Use a model for a negotiation process and understand the critical stages of every negotiation.
Demonstrate effective communication techniques using several application opportunities
Gain a few powerful negotiating tips, techniques and phrases to improve your effectiveness and optimize negotiating results.

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