IISA – Farm 301 – Business Interruption and Equipment Breakdown for Farms

Canadian Underwriter

by Insurance Institute of Southern Alberta

April 20, 2023

Distinctive products have been developed to provide the specialized coverages required for these exceptional enterprises. Where Farm 201 – Complex and Specialized Farms April 13, 2023 ends this session begins. You will be introduced to Equipment Breakdown exposures in intensive farm livestock operations (heating, cooling, feeding, watering, waste removal, and the wide variety of handling/processing equipment), seed growing and handling facilities, and others. You will learn about coverages used to insure Equipment Breakdown coverages and how it can apply to a wide variety of farm types in order to illustrate the significance of the exposure to farm clients as well as suggest different options to insure against these losses.

You will learn how to recognize the different Business Interruption / Loss of Income needs of complex farm risk to better counsel and protect client’s income losses when faced with a significant loss.

You will gain greater credibility with clients and be able to better understand and/or describe farm risks to underwriters. In addition, you will have a greater sense of how claims are settled for these types of exposures on farms.

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