Infiniti Vision Qe concept will preview the brand's first EV

Infiniti Vision Qe concept will preview the brand's first EV

Infiniti released a dark preview image to give us an early look at its next concept. Called Qe, the design study will make its debut in October 2023 and provide a glimpse at what the Japanese brand’s first series-produced electric car will look like when it lands later in the 2020s.

Details about the Qe concept are few and far between, and the dark picture published by Infiniti leaves a lot to the imagination. It shows light reflecting on what looks like a fastback-like silhouette, so we know we’re not looking at a convertible or at a big, burly SUV like the QX80. We think we see four doors, but the bottom part of the car is obscured so it’s too early to tell whether this is a low-slung sedan or a crossover.

Out back, a rear light bar is seemingly integrated into a spoiler that’s positioned above backlit “INFINITI” lettering. We’ll need to be patient to find out more, but an earlier report casts a little bit of light on what to expect from the Qe. Although unofficial, it details four new Infiniti models due out in the coming years, and two are electric. The first is a replacement for the Q70. It will reportedly land by the end of 2026 as the brand’s first electric car, and it will feature shorter overhangs as well as a longer wheelbase than its predecessor, which retired in 2019.

The second was described by insiders as “a midsize crossover.” That’s all we know, but odds are the Qe previews one of these two EVs.

Infiniti will fully unveil the Qe on October 24, 2023. It also pledged to announce “several stunning new models” at the unveiling event. We’re notably expecting to learn more about the next-generation QX80, which was previewed by the QX Monograph concept in August 2023.

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