Jeff Bezos’ New $500 Million Megayacht Didn’t Have a Helipad So He Bought a Support Yacht

Jeff Bezos’ New $500 Million Megayacht Didn’t Have a Helipad So He Bought a Support Yacht

The rich do wild things with their money because, you know, why not? Jeff Bezos, for example, is worth about $127 billion, according to Forbes, or more than enough to drop $75 million on a support yacht with a helipad for his girlfriend, because his $500 million superyacht doesn’t have one, according to Luxury Launches.

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The man that probably has everything had a problem. Aside from the fact that he wanted the town where his yacht was built to dismantle a historic bridge to movie it, this was more of a feature problem. The half-billion dollar, 417-foot-long superyacht he just had constructed came with almost everything except a helipad. This is needed as Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren Sanchez is an avid helicopter pilot. So rather than sending the superyacht back to the shipyards, Bezos does what any billionaire with too much money would do, he bought another one.

Screenshot: Dutch Yachting YouTube

The 279-foot vessel is called Abeona and was constructed at a shipyard in The Netherlands. It’s believed to be the largest support vessel in the world. And it’s not just some ship that can carry support vehicles, it’s a full-on vessel, and can carry up to 45 people.

Via Luxury Launches:

Built at an estimated cost of $75 million at the shipyard in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, Abeona was initially known as YS 7512. After completing her sea trials in December, the largest support vessel in the world departed the shipyard in the Netherlands before arriving in Gibraltar, where she is currently located. Longer than many yachts, the 279-footer is a gorgeous ship with a grey hull and an orange stripe for a strawberry mark.

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The boat that looks more like the baby of Sailing Yacht A is named after the goddess of voyages and departures. In addition to a helipad its has a hangar that can carry a D14 value helicopter. It can comfortably accomodate 45 people, and can carry a host of toys, including water scooters, sea bobs, and even a submarine.

We’ll have to assume that the support yacht is where the real party is, should you ever find yourself hanging out with Jeff Bezos on his yacht(s). Tell him you’ll be with the submarine.