Land Rover Name Won't Die amid JLR's Rebranding, Despite Reports


The Land Rover brand isn’t dead, despite reports that misinterpreted the British automaker’s new branding strategy.In a statement to Car and Driver, Jaguar Land Rover (now JLR) confirmed the Land Rover name will carry on. JLR today also announced plans to divide the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, and Jaguar brands into four subbrands.

Reports circulating online about Land Rover’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. After news surfaced earlier today that the storied brand was dead, Car and Driver reached out directly to Jaguar Land Rover (now officially called JLR), who confirmed the beloved Land Rover name will live on.

“We are not losing the Land Rover name; its spirit is—and will continue to be—a crucial part of our DNA,” the company said in a written statement.

With JLR today announcing a new branding strategy, it appears the fake news resulted from misinterpreted details. Those include the company’s plans to bring the Defender and Discovery nameplates to the forefront.

Range Rover and Jaguar are also included in this four-pronged approach, which is part of what JLR is calling its “House of Brands” strategy. The goal of this initiative is said to help make each brand more distinctive. So don’t expect to see any more models using the clunky Land Rover Range Rover nomenclature.

JLR’s New Future

The British automaker’s rebranding is also part of a larger plan that includes making its Halewood plant in the U.K. an all-electric production factory as well as introducing its new medium-sized EV SUV platform, which will be based on the company’s Electrified Modular Platform (EMA).

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JLR says later this year it will start accepting pre-orders for the upcoming electric Range Rover, which is slated to launch in 2025. Alongside its new EVs, JLR will continue to offer gas-burning and hybrid models.

Finally, Jaguar will add three new models, the first of which will be an electric four-door grand-tourer built on a bespoke platform dubbed JEA. This future GT is touted as being more powerful than any Jaguar before. It’s also expected to offer over 400 miles of driving range and cost north of $120,000.

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