Leaked video shows the Tesla Cybertruck's small frunk

Leaked video shows the Tesla Cybertruck's small frunk

Pre-production of the Tesla Cybertruck has started in Texas, and details about the much-delayed electric pickup are beginning to trickle out. While official information remains scarce, a video seemingly taken inside the factory shows that the model is equipped with a small frunk.

Posted on TikTok, the eight-second flick shows a handful of pre-production Cybertruck models parked with their frunk (and, in some cases, their doors) open. While we can’t quite tell what the inside of the trunk looks like, we see enough to get an idea of its size: it stretches from about the front bumper to the front axle line, and it doesn’t look particularly deep. It may be bigger than the frunk you get in, say, a Model 3 or a Model Y, but it’s also far smaller than the one offered by the Ford F-150 Lightning. It looks big enough for a carry-on suitcase and a few bags.

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This is due to the Cybertruck’s polarizing proportions, which were chosen because company co-founder and CEO Elon Musk finds Ford’s trucks “boring.” Giving the model a more truck-like silhouette similar to the F-150’s or to the Chevrolet Silverado’s would have brought a longer, taller hood and allowed designers to carve out a bigger frunk, but the end result would have looked much more conventional. While it’s usually difficult to decipher what goes on at Tesla, we’re guessing the brand figured the design will be a bigger selling point than the frunk.

Having a frunk is an advantage in the truck world, because it gives users a compartment to store items that they don’t want to leave in the open cargo box or in the cabin. However, the Cybertruck has been spotted with a power-operated tonneau cover that’s thick enough to stand on. Whether this feature will carry over to the production model (and whether it will be standard or optional) remains to be seen, but it’s one way owners will be able to keep their gear dry. If Tesla doesn’t offer it, I’ll bet the cost of a Cybertruck reservation that the aftermarket will.

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