Living Vehicle HD24 travel trailer is a luxury studio apartment on wheels

Living Vehicle HD24 travel trailer is a luxury studio apartment on wheels

Designed for well-heeled adventurers, the Living Vehicle HD24 travel trailer gives motorists a smaller, lighter and much cheaper alternative to the existing 30-foot HD30 model. It nonetheless offers all of the amenities needed to live comfortably on the road and far off the grid.

The 24-foot HD24 is characterized by the same basic exterior design as the HD30: it’s shaped like a box to maximize interior space. Making the chassis shorter allowed Living Vehicle to remove one of the HD30’s three axles, which in turn reduces weight. The HD24 tips the scale at anywhere between 11,000 to 13,000 pounds depending on how it’s configured, compared to about 15,000 pounds for the bigger model.

Small doesn’t mean rudimentary. The dual-zone climate control system keeps the occupants comfortable in temperatures ranging from -4 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit, while a 72-kilowatt-hour energy system works with roof-mounted solar panels to keep the trailer juiced up. And, like the HD30, the HD24 is available with Water-From-Air technology that extracts humidity from the air to make up to five gallons of water daily.

Living Vehicle explains its designers drew inspiration from yachts to create a luxurious living space. There’s a couch that folds into a queen-sized bed, a dining table that folds into a coffee table, a movable kitchen island, a bathroom, plus cooking equipment and numerous storage compartments. Buyers can configure the front part of the trailer as a closet with a gear locker, a sleeping room with bunk beds, or an office.

Built to order, the Living Vehicle HD24 carries a supercar-like $299,995 price tag excluding options. It’s offered in four trim levels called Eco, Cor, Max and Pro, respectively, and the specifications vary depending on the model selected. Act fast if you want one: the brand warns that it has limited production capacity remaining for 2024. For context, the HD30 model is priced even deeper into supercar territory at $399,995.

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